Alternative Marriage Venice

Alternative Marriage Venice | Quentin & George Wedding

Alternative Marriage Venice | Quentin & George

Date: October 8th, 2016
Location: Hotel Cipriani Cip’s Club Porticciolo, Palazzo degli Stucchi Cà Farsetti, Venice
Wedding Planner: Venice Wedding Planner, Giovanna Wurmbrand Stuppach
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

 Alternative Marriage Venice

Quentin and George are a couple from England.

They decided to celebrate their wedding in the romantic city of Venice.
She is an artist in every way: she’s illustrator, photographer, film director, and she is also a model.
Quentin collaborates with major companies like Louis Vuitton, Sisley, Adidas, Kenzo and others, getting even more publications in one of the most important fashion magazine: Vogue.

It was an alternative marriage since we arrived at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice.
The bride decided in the morning that she don’t want to be photographed during the preparation.

He preferred to document the event in a reportage mood, and so we did it:

We decided to go to see how she personally prepared to decorate the party room.
She had built a panel decorated around with a golden frame, where the provisions  of the guests for dinner were written.
Then, each of them had even a Venetian mask painted in white, with the name written on it.

Very stylish!

The ceremony was celebrated in the hall Ca Farsetti at Palazzo degli Stucchi.
There were many guests from all over the world and also Celebrities like Demi Moore!

Quentin wore a simple white silk dress that recalled a fine dressing gown … she was the enchanted!
She had also a Buquet of small white flowers and long green leaves.
A foolhardy woman! in October she showed off a open shoes  and a dress with thin epaulettes, congratulations!
George however, equally stylish with a blue suit and a bright smile.

The civil ceremony was short but was characterized by strong emotions: both from the mothers and spouses.
All the while, the couple never stopped to look each-others, you could see the love in the air!
The only, that after tears made  everyone laugh with his funny expressions, was the little Grey, son of Quentin and George, cheering and laughing with everyone.

After the ceremony and the launch of the rice at the exit of the newlyweds, we took a gondola to take some couple photos of the two newlyweds.
At first she didn’t seem very well, probably because of the wind and for the silk dress that wouldn’t have covered her a lot.
But then came George, who as a true gentleman offered her his jacket.

Left towards the most beautiful views of Venice, we spent an hour chilling in the lagoon, waiting the aperitif at Cip’s Club Porticciolo.

Then the Aperitif came, the newlyweds were greeted with enthusiasm by the guests.
The party had already begun, thanks to the music band that inspired during the cocktail party.
There was finger-food with typical Venetian products and prosecco to no end!

At sunset we moved inside, where the room had been prepared perfectly for dinner:

The tables were covered with white tablecloths, elegant transparent glasses and, only the olive branches as decoration.
No flowers or flakes.
The theme was very simple and elegant.

During the dinner they were read the letters with fun and movingly anecdotes, especiallythe one written by George for his bride.
Later, the guests moved into the party room.

They danced all night with the band that accompanied the evening with  typical southern Italy songs.
The hall was enriched with sweets and had a South-Italian theme, with lemon trees, ice cream served at the time and some tasty cake-pop with bellini.

There was no cutting cake, spouses and guests were intent on having fun … why stop them ?!
A puff pastry with raspberries can be eaten late to regenerate!

Best wishes to the newlyweds!

Alternative Marriage Venice

Alternative Marriage Venice