Belgium Wedding Photographer | Veronique & Peter | June 8th 2013

Belgium Wedding Photographer | Veronique & Peter

Belgium Wedding Photographer | Veronique & Peter


Date: June 8th 2013
Location: Landgoed Altembrouck
Photographers: Mauro Pozzer for Ioannis Tsouloulis

Belgium Wedding Photographer

Veronique and Peter chose the beautiful location of the Landgoed Altembrouck Castle for their wedding in Belgium.

The Castle is located among Maastricht – Aachen and Liege, and was founded in the XIV Century.

Is surrounded by nature, in fact it is placed in the middle of a three-hundred acres natural park, and boasts the largest wild fauna variety of the Flanders.

Veronique and Peter got ready together in one of the beautiful suites of the Castle. Veronique, anyway, wanted to be alone with the girls when putting on the wedding gown; her friend helped her, as well as her daughter, who brought her to the altar, too.

The altar was found in one of the most beautiful natural zones of Altembrouck: on the background, one could see the beautiful castle; in front, the lake of the property; all around, finally, centuries-old vegetation. Veronique and Peter chose to have a symbolic wedding.
The spouses exchanged their vows and rings in this amazing location, together with friends and relatives, and then had a toast to the beautiful day. The photographic service was performed inside the park of the Castle; Veronique and Peter were constantly accompanied by their beautiful little daughter. The party proceeded with a luxurious dinner inside the Castle.

One of the peculiarities of the cuisine of this Castle is that all the food that is served was previously grown inside the property itself. For example, they had been the first to bring the Japanes Wagyu cattle in Europe, and now they export its meat in the whole continent.

Their mission is to find back the true taste of meat and vegetables, naturally cultivated and nurtured, in the respect of the environment and of the eco-sustainability.
After the dinner, the guests could eat some Belgian chocolate sweets, drink some French wine, fly some Chinese lanterns and dance the night away!