Civil Wedding Rome | Paola & Diego

Civil Wedding in Rome

Civil Wedding Rome | Paola & Diego

Civil Wedding Rome | Paola & Diego

Data: 27th  August 2017
Location: Santa Maria in TempuloHotel Savoy 
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Civil Wedding Rome | Paola & Diego


“Good morning, Rome! Look how beautiful you are in the early morning sunshine. You shine golden, you look like a flower. You’re a young miss again. I sing among the alleys to tell you what you mean to me. This is where I live, this is where I was born and this might be the reason why I’ve fallen in love with you. I’ve been all over the world, but Rome, you need to know, I’ve always had you in my mind”

The magic of the Eternal City for a majestic Italian Wedding.

Paola e Diego are travelers, art and photography enthusiasts. They live between Rome and Dubai, and they chose the Capital for their beautiful wedding.

They got married in an intimate and romantic civil ceremony in the Complesso Vignola Mattei, inside a small unconsecrated church named Santa Maria in Tempulo.

The whole building is inside the green forest in the heart of the Thermal Baths of Caracalla – just awesome!

After a walk and some photos around Rome, we moved to the Hotel Savoy where the reception took place.

The wedding dinner and party took place in the terrace of the hotel, where you could enjoy a breath-taking scenery of Rome.

After cutting the cake, Paola sat on Diego’s lap to eat the cake – a family tradition!

The next morning, we woke up at dawn to shoot in an unbelievable and empty city, in the warm light of the early morning.

A wonderful Italian wedding full of charm and elegance, in the one and only “caput mundi”.



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