Couples Review

“The Wedding Day is one of the most important and unforgettable paths of a couple’s life”


That will be the day in which your families and friends will gather together around you to celebrate your love; in that day you will be amazing, with your wonderful dresses, beautiful and shining.

On that day the whole attention will be focused only and exclusively on you, and every detail of the ceremony, of the set-up, of the day itself will be speaking of you and of your love – in other words, it will be your reflection.

Since that day will be so special, so important, so uniquely yours, it is highly important for a couple to have the best possible memory of it, a photographic testimony that will be everlasting.

Photographs are the only touchable testimony of how you looked like and felt like on your wedding day, besides the memory of the attendants; they represent the connection point between your special day and the memory you will carry of it.

Therefore, carefully choosing the photographer who will transmit the memory of your personality and of your special day with empathy and discretion is one of the fundamental steps of the organization of a wedding.

Couples Review | Wedding Photographer in Italy

Che dire il miglior fotografo di matrimonio che si possa desiderare.

Come passione sono anch’io fotografo e per il mo matrimonio volevo qualcosa di particolare.

Dopo aver visto i lavori di Mauro non ho avuto dubbi.

E’ stato fotografo invisibile ma sempre presente, uno stile che si adatta ad ogni evento ed in base agli sposi ed il loro stile.

Grazie ancora Mauro…

Consigliatissimo a tutti!!

Alexandra & Michele

Wedding Vows Renewal Italy | Blair & Mike | September 06th 2015

We can’t say enough positive things about Mauro and the job he did with our wedding pictures. Mauro was extremely professional, was able to very easily take our lead on what types of pictures we were looking for, but also did a fabulous job of taking creative leeway when he saw the opportunity. The best endorsement I can give Mauro is this: we asked Mauro to do our photos for our wedding in 2010, And when we decided to do voe renewals in 2015,Mauro was the first person we booked for the wedding.
Highly recommend!

Blair & Mike

Non potevamo fare scelta migliore..

Una persona disponibile, piena di professionalità e passione..

Guardando le foto ci siamo emozionanti rivivendo quel giorno speciale.

Grazie di ❤️




Giada & Marco


To an exceptionnal photographer Mauro Pozzer and his well chosen team composed of Alba Renna, Laura Coelati Rama and Francesco De Marchi : As i previously wrote to Alba Renna, we would like to thank you in advance for the precious memories we will look at in the future! We browsed at several photographers before choosing you Mauro Pozzer and apparently we picked not only one of the best but also a team who clearly has a long and vast experience in their field composed of authentic and discrete members doing their job in a way that didn’t disturb our natural behavior and this is why we will get pictures that will allow us to feel again what we lived on that special day because you were able to capture our emotions! You are the photographer that we were looking for and we cant wait to see your snaps! Kisses

Joelle & Ibrahim

Fotografo?? no no..

LUI non è solo un fotografo!

Lui è molto di più!

Un professionista, una persona che vive e da vita al suo lavoro, sa cogliere i dettagli, valorizzare gli istanti e catturare le emozioni..

Sei un grande Mauro Pozzer!


Chiara & Andrea


When our wedding planner first provided us with a list of photographers to select for our destination wedding in Venice – Mauro truly stood out among the rest. His creative artwork and brilliant eye shines through in every detail of his photography. We were absolutely enchanted. To that end, we knew we had to have him. On our wedding day, it was precisely what we had imagined the experience to be, and more!! Every experience was exceptionally captured. He is a true artist with an uncanny ability to capture magic in any setting. I think we connect with his work ultimately because he brings a new flavor with his style. He is able to do what few can, and that is incorporate the environment in such a way, that the couple becomes accessories to the backdrop which is the framework of the day. Every moment, experience, sensation of our day is felt in the still image. He is remarkably brilliant. To anyone wanting a creative and powerful way to remember an exceptional experience – this is the photographer for you. Look no further.
Thank you, Mauro!!

Kira & Marc

Abbiamo scelto Mauro per il nostro matrimonio dopo che le sue foto ci hanno incantati!

Professionale, sicuro di sé, molto discreto durante la cerimonia, sa cogliere i dettagli e le emozioni del momento.

Non vediamo l’ora di vedere tutte le foto, dopo che il video di anteprima ci ha emozionati.




Elisa & Nicola


Most fantastic photography!

My wedding photos are more that I could wished for.

Love looking at Mauro and Roberta’s photos.




Corrine & Antony

It was Best day ever with best photographer ever!

Thank you Mauro for our amazing memories of our best day!






Elena & Andrey

Wedding Photographer Gondola | Helena & Andrey | April 20th 2011