Destination Wedding in Venice | Frequently Asked Questions

destination wedding in venice

Destination Wedding in Venice

  1. In which areas do you work? How many weddings do you shoot per year?


I love travelling and meeting new people. I live in Vicenza, but I often work for destination wedding in Venice and all around Italy.

I shoot weddings all around the world with my second photographer, and we are willing to follow you anywhere! Our Destination Wedding offer requires an extra for the travel and accommodation expenses.

As a choice, I do not shoot more than 20 weddings a year. I really care about having a serene, happy life and offer the best to my clients through my works.



  1. How many pictures will you send us? How long after the wedding? Is it possible to have a password protected online gallery?


I never set a precise number of photos to be shot during a wedding, as there are many variables to count. Details, situations are always different; normally, the couple will receive at least 700 images.

I also prepare a special selection of images, about 120-150, that allow me to narrate your story at best. These pictures have a more specific post-production, personally developed depending on the wedding.

To satisfy my couples’ curiosity, I will publish in my website the best photos of the wedding a few weeks after the wedding itself. For the whole material, it will take me about 4-8 weeks.

It is possible to have a reserved area within my website, an online gallery with the best pictures of the wedding so that your relatives and friends can view and download them.



  1. The photos you publish are well finished. Do you use photo retouching programs?


It is normal that a careful photographer optimizes its shots in the post-production. Remember – optimize, not distort.

Post production is a very delicate phase, and I create a different one for every couple.



  1. Is it possible to have the files without printing the album? Will the images be at a high resolution? Who will select the photos for the album, and what kind of albums do you offer?


I will send you the high resolution files, with no watermark, on a DVD or via Internet. They will already be prepared to be used and printed.

If you will ever need high quality prints you can contact me again, but you can print them wherever you want.

As photo album I will prepare a layout that represents my sensitivity and my way of seeing Wedding Photography. Then we can decide together if we want some photos to be changed.

I also offer a fine art box with the photos that suit best; anyway, the choice will be done together.

The materials I offer is always the best quality. I work with Floricolor and Hnef, the worldwide leaders in wedding albums and fine art prints.



  1. What kind of cameras do you use? How will our photos be archived? Will a backup be done? 


As an NPS photographer I only use professional Nikon DLRS cameras with professional lenses.

I work with natural light in almost every situation, but I also use flashes when needed.

All my cameras have a double memory slot. Therefore, I backup while shooting; this way, all the photos will be saved even in the unlikely possiblity a SD card breaks while using it.

At the end of the day I do a third backup on an external hard risk. All the work will later be saved on Blue-Ray disks and on two different hard disks.



  1. We are worried we might not feel at ease, not being used to pose. We would still want some couple photos though. Will you guide us without staying away from our guests too much?


The wedding is the spouses’ big day. It is right for you to spend it with your friends and relatives, not with your photographer! For this reason we will have a 20-30 minutes couple shooting, and we can even split it in two smaller sessions so that you will not have to stay away too much.

Me and my collaborators work with a discreet style. In the moments we will shoot more posed pictures, I will give you some easy indications so that you will always feel at ease.



  1. What’s your added value?


I have a 20-years experience in wedding photography. I love and know wedding photography. I control the timings and cohordinate the rhythms of the day, offering the spouses the service they desire.

Together with my partners I plan photography and videography to the smallest details so that the bride and groom can enjoy every moment of their day with no worries.

Our goal is to go beyond the expectations, offering you back the best emotions you felt in the most important day of your life as a couple.



  1. Why aren’t the prices public in your website?


Because I need to understand how you will plan your day.

Everything depends on your needs: each wedding has its story and together we will find the best solution for you.

I will be happy and quick to offer you all the information on my services and prices via mail. Otherwise, you can contact me on the phone.

You can find a contact forum on the “Contacts” page of this website.



  1. Why can a wedding photographic session cost so much?


The price of a wedding shooting can be high for various reasons.

A professional photographer lives with the photos he creates. Therefore, time and experience must be fairly paid.

Said this small introduction, I would like to explain what lies behind a photographic shooting. The wedding day, when photographed as a whole, won’t last less than 12 hours.

The hours I dedicate to the post production (no less than 40 hours) make a very delicate phase to create special images. It consist in an early skim of the wedding photos, then a selection to create a slideshow with music.

This slideshow will also be the narrative track of the album.

Then the post-production of all the photos will be done. They will be sent to you via DropBox or USB key.

At last I will personally prepare the album layout or the fine-art prints and follow their process.

To this workshop, one has to add an important point: the 20-years experience and my creative, artistic vision.




  1. How can we book our wedding photographic service?


The booking of the service needs you to sign a contract where all the agreement are written. Moreover, I need a first payment of the 30% of the total amount of the service as a booking retainer.

Through the sing of the contract and the payment of the booking retainer the date will be reserved.

See you soon!

Destination Wedding in Venice

Destination Wedding in Venice