Destination Wedding Photographer | Emilia & Valentin Mauritius


Destination Wedding Photographer | Emilia & Valentin Mauritius

Destination Wedding Photographer | Emilia & Valentin Mauritius

Data: 23 Marzo 2017
Location: Villas Carolina – Mauritius
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer
Videomaker: Laura Coelati Rama

Destination Wedding Photographer Mauritius

Here I am, at the beginning of the 2017 Wedding Season!

What could I have wanted more than such a special wedding in a unique place?
I left home having different expectations than what the four of us actually lived.

In twenty years of experience, it had never happened to me to be simutaneously the wedding photographer and the witness of the wedding.

Well, Emy and Vale chose me and Laura as wedding witnesses to be able to live their dream of love in a full intimacy. We basically planned the wedding ourselves, as Africa offers many inconveniences that end up being great opportunities.

We came to the wedding venue after 20 hours flight and no one knew about the wedding – we looked at ourselves and decided to take it easy, and have a laugh in front of something not working as we expected, but working African style!
Being witnesses to the wedding, we gave our cameras to the tourists who came to the beach to take a look of what was going on and photograph the signature moment. I will never forget the experience these guys gave me the chance to live.

Thank you for choosing me as Destination Wedding Photographer Mauritius !!


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