Elegant Wedding in Hotel Bauer | Nilufa & Philip


Elegant Wedding in Hotel Bauer | Nilufa & Philip

Elegant Wedding in Hotel Bauer | Nilufa & Philip

Data: 09th  June 2017
Location: Hotel Bauer,  Palazzo Cavalli,  Venezia
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer
Wedding Planner: The Venice Wedding Planner, Giovanna Wurmbrand Stuppach, Tullia Palma Rambaud

Elegant Wedding in Hotel Bauer


Nilufa and Philip are a British couple, though Nilufa is a Pakistani woman.
Both being lawyers, they first met during college years and have been inseparable since then.
Retracing the first steps of their wedding, in October 2016 they went to Venice to choose the place for the wedding reception, meet their wedding planner and set up an initial plan for their special day: the chosen date was 9th June 2017.
They visited numerous places, until they found the Hotel Bauer in Campo San Moisé; for their dinner before the wedding, they chose instead the restaurant PANE VINO E SAN DANIELE in Campo dell’Anzolo Raffaele. Far from the noisy crowds of tourists, the restaurant has a wonderful outdoor space, where the couple and their friends could enjoy the evening breeze.
Finally, the big day came: the excellent Venetian professionals Roberta Galesso and Andrea (of the Salone Trolese) got Nilufa ready for the ceremony. It all came so easily, she looked like a Middle-Eastern princess, also thanks to her dress reflecting this style.
And then, the flowers… It was a triumph of colors, from dark red to purple and blue; these tones were chosen by Nilufa, in accordance to the nuances of her lipstick.
In the meantime, in the main room of the hotel, the atmosphere was cheerful. Philip, adjusting his tie knot and pinning the buttons of his shirt, was gradually getting more confident and more fascinating in the same time.
In the afternoon, before 4pm, Philip and the guests met in the hall of the Bauer, and were escorted by Tullia (junior wedding planner) to Palazzo Cavalli, the place in the City of Venice dedicated to weddings.
Few minutes later, the bride and few other guests left on a luxury taxi: inside there were also Giovanna, the wedding planner, and me, as the photographer.
The ceremony flowed smoothly on the notes of the harp.
And while everyone was cheering and congratulating, the time came for a toast.
Everyone was then in Piazza San Marco, having toasts in the wonderful and historic Todaro bar, while me and the couple went for a taxi ride to the island of San Giorgio to take some photos.
The reception at the Hotel Bauer started at 7pm; the guests were pleased with a wonderful sunset. The tables’ names followed the flowers’ colors: there were pink calla lilies, bleu delphinium, dark red roses, and purple hydrangeas.
A Jazz band led by pianist Matteo Alfonso set a 50s-swinging atmosphere for the guests, and during the dinner the wonderful voice of Francesca Viaro touched everyone’s heart, by singing the most famous pieces of American music, with a glimpse on the Italian singers who made history in the 19thcentury.
The evening slowly and calmly passed by, among the courses, the toast, the dance and the final speech, leaving it to the magical night of Venice.

Many wishes to Nilufa and Philip!


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