Jewish Wedding Photographer | Tatjana & Ralph | August 26th 2010

Jewish Wedding Photographer | Tatjana & Ralph

Jewish Wedding Photographer | Tatjana & Ralph


Date: August 26th 2010
Location: Villa Amistà – Byblos Art Hotel and Villa Arvedi
Wedding Planning: Downtown Eventi
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Jewish Wedding Photographer

Tatjana and Ralph reached the beautiful Verona with their friends and relatives from London to celebrate their fairy-tale Jewish wedding.
The locations that they chose, ( helped by the wedding planners of Downtown Events) were absolutely perfect! Their story starts from the hotel in which the spouses were located, Villa Amistà – Byblos Art Hotel, a five-star hotel in Corrubbio, north Verona. If one sees it from the outside, it looks like the classical, beautiful Venetian villa.

In the inside, instead, everything is completely different… You would find yourself in a fairy-tale atmosphere, in which the classical architecture of the villa, first built in the XV Century, crashes against the inner part, full of statues, paintings and contemporary art installations.

One can say that Villa Amistà is the perfect mixture between a high-class hotel and a contemporary art and design museum, and the result is just amazing! The first photos were shot there, inside the villa – one could not resist the temptation of shooting pictures at everything in such a location!
The ceremony took place in another beautiful Villa nearby, Villa Arvedi in Grezzana: every male guest was given a kippah, and the ceremony started once everyone was there.

The wedding was celebrated by a female rabbin, and followed every Jewish ritual – the celebration under the chuppah, the decorated gazebo, the knot, the breaking of the glass…
After the wedding the couple, the witnesses and the rabbin, signed a copy of the Torah containing the parts regarding wedding and family life.

Then the party continued in villa Arvedi with dances (among those also the Hora, the dance in which the friends lift up the newlyweds, sitting in a chair), cocktail, a typical Italian dinner, a beautiful wedding cake and white confetti…

Definitely a fairy-tale wedding!

Thanks for having involved me in your Jewish culture!