Jewish Wedding Photographer Venice - Micha & Yael - June 18th 2014

Jewish Wedding Photographer Venice | Micha & Yael

Jewish Wedding Photographer Venice | Micha & Yael


Date: May 18th 2014
Location: Spanish Synagogue (Scola Spagnola)Cà Nigra Lagoon Resort
Wedding Planner: Angel Lion Venice Weddings & Events
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer
Video maker: Alba Renna for MP Photography Studio

Jewish Wedding Photographer Venice

Micha and Yael are a couple from Tel Aviv.
They decided to celebrate their wedding, match with family and friends in Venice: The city of love.
We met them at the apartment that rented for the occasion in Campo Santa Margherita:
It was a beautiful loft in a perfect Venetian style, with a roof terrace!
From this position, Yael has worn his white aided by his sister.

After she got ready, her husband, Yael, rose on the terrace.
She could not hide her excitement when she arrived Micha!
both have walked to the court in front of the synagogue, where they had arranged a small drink with their guests.

Before the ceremony, Yael was brought to the room of the bride, called Kallah, a special area within the Synagogue, where typically the bride awaits the groom before the ceremony.
Shortly after, Micha could see it: it is an ancient Jewish tradition according to the Torah chapter where the patriarch Jacob tells that he married the wrong woman because of the veil that did not allow to see her face.

Jewish Cerimony:

The ceremony was held in the Spanish Synagogue (called Spanish Scola in Italian), built in the mid-500 by the Sephardites who left Spain after the expulsion of Jews in 1492.
Micha and Yael received the traditional Jewish blessing under the Huppah, a decorated canopy that is home of the couple.
Then the Master blessed them in front of the Torah.
At the end of the ceremony, Micha broke the traditional glass
– Symbol of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the diaspora –
and the celebration ended in the joy and excitement of the guests.

After the ceremony, we did a gondola tour couple: a unique experience for those who have never been to Venice!
Finally The reception took place in the splendid Ca ‘Nigra Lagoon Resort.
There Yael and Micha could taste a typical Venetian lunch and drink with their guests.
A great way to end a wonderful day!

Thanks to Angel Lion Venice Wedding & Events to the organization!

Jewish Wedding Photographer Venice


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