Luxury Elopement Venice - Donna & Joel - August 24th 2014

Luxury Elopement Venice | Donna & Joel

Luxury Elopement Venice | Donna & Joel


Date: August 23rd 2014
Location: Cà SagredoSala Capitilare Scuola dei Carmini, Gritti Palace
Wedding Planning: My Italian Wedding Planner
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer & Stefania Danese

Luxury Elopement Venice

Donna and Joel, a romantic couple that flew from Seattle to Venice for a sweet Elopement!
They were looking for the most beautiful and peculiar areas of Venice, and with the help of My Italian Wedding Planner they planned every details of their future wedding.
Everything was so precious and spectacular that they even finished in Junebug Weddings
that is a famous blog where there are the most beautiful wedding pictures!

They got ready separately in a beautiful suite in the Cà Sagredo Hotel.
Donna had her wedding dress designed and produced in Australia by the stylist Anna Campell;
She had the decor theme of the dress about Venice and Romance.

Joel, instead, wore an Armani tuxedo and all of the details of his outfit belonged to Tiffany & Co.
They arranged a lovely, romantic first look once prepared in one of the most beautiful halls of the hotel.

Donna described it with this words:

“I think my favorite moment from my wedding is when we had the our first look.
We had Andrea Bocelli soundtrack in the background.
The building where we were in, was centuries old and full of history and grand splendor.

The grand Canal was just outside our window and the moment was filled with so much emotion and love.
Then, Donna and Joel took a water taxi that brought them to Scuola Grande dei Carmini, the location they chose for their civil wedding.
In this amazing venue they shared their personally written vows and wedding rings, and got married in the most romantic way possible!

After this lovely private ceremony they went for a beautiful gondola ride to the most beautiful spots of Venice.

After that, they took another water taxi to go to their wedding dinner.
Even though they had no guest, everything was prepared in its smallest details.

The newlyweds shared a delicious, romantic dinner in the beautiful restaurant of Gritti Palace, in a table for two facing the Gran Canal.
What a lovely way to end a Wedding Day!
Donna and Joel apprechiated our work so much that they flew us to their wedding reception to Seattle…
Check their Luxury Elopement in Venice in Junebug Wedding, inside “Destination Wedding Photographer” section!

Luxury Elopement Venice


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