Luxury Wedding Nani Bernardo Palace | Anastasia & Alexander | July 7th 2010

Luxury Wedding Nani Bernardo Palace | Anastasia & Alexander

Luxury Wedding Nani Bernardo Palace | Anastasia & Alexander


Date: July 7th 2010
Location: Palazzo Nani Bernardo
Wedding Planning: The Venice Wedding Planner
Photographers: Mauro Pozzer & Roberta Cozza

Luxury Wedding Nani Bernardo Palace

Anastasia and Alexander chose the amazing Venice as the perfect background for their great wedding.
They moved from Russia with friends and relatives to reach the beautiful lagoon city, and had their perfect wedding thanks to the wonderful organization of the Venice Wedding Planner team, that made their dream come true.

The ceremony and the reception took place in the unforgettable Palazzo Nani Bernardo, a really pretty palace between Ca’Rezzonico and Ca’Foscari, directly facing the Grand Canal.

To broaden the venicean atmosphere and make their wedding in Venice even more unforgettable for their guests, the russian couple hired some players who were wearing the typical clothing of the Venicean eighteenth century, and who gave each guest a typical venicean mask, as a bonbonnière and as a souvenir.

The symbolic wedding took place inside the Palace.
Was as romantic as the couple were. You can see from the widespread emotions!

After the cerimony…

The buffet took place in one of the most peculiar zones of Palazzo Nani Bernardo: the stunning garden built in the nineteenth century, one of the most fascinating ones in Venice.
Divided into geometrical flowerbeds made with hedges and colourful roses, rich in green pergolas and with an extremely tall palm tree – the highest of the city – the beauty of this secret garden represents the core of intimacy, the pleasure of reflection, and in this case, the joy of sharing.
The dinner and the party continued in one of the beautiful halls inside the palace, facing directly the Gran Canal, with dances, music, and naturally, masks.

The day after the wedding we had a shooting round Venice and the Isle of Burano: the colours, the sounds, the perfumes of those islands will remain an unforgettable memory of the wedding for this russian couple.

Once they took off their wedding gowns, the shooting proceeded with a more fashionable look: white mini-dress and large brim hat for her , who looked like an amazing fifties diva – and a relaxed opened shirt for him.

Because you know..
A wedding photo shooting can be also a fashion one!