Photographer Engagement Trieste - Alberto & Erika

Photographer Engagement Trieste | Alberto & Erika

Photographer Engagement Trieste | Alberto & Erika


Photographer: Mauro Pozzer
Video: Into the Wed

Photographer Engagement Trieste

The service as Photographer Engagement on boat that I made, it was off the coast of the Gulf of Trieste with Alberto and Erika. It is an inlet of the Adriatic Sea, between the island of Grado (Friuli Venezia Giulia) and points Savudrija (Croatia), near Piran (Slovenia).

The peculiarities of the environment, the treasures of history and art make it become a popular destination; which in the past he has enchanted and inspired important writers such as James Joyce and Italo Svevo. Also it has an area with vegetation and nature reserves, where you have the chance to go hiking in pristine environments.

In addition to engagement photo shoot was a great idea to supplement the wedding album! To achieve an optimal work, I asked for help to the best video-makers, both during the ceremony and during the photo shoot. This allows me to concentrate only on the couple and their needs, to get into deeper contact with them and get the photographs that represent them. The time of engagement is an important milestone for the two lovers and it’s my responsibility to remember to make him better.

A video as well, is definitely an additional memory that will boost the memory of the couple.

Here’s the video of Engagement on boat!

Photographer Engagement Trieste