Photographer Engagement Venice - Michelle & Rally - August 28th 2015

Photographer Engagement Venice | Michelle & Rally

Photographer Engagement Venice | Michelle & Rally


Date: 28 August 2015
Location: Venice
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Photographer Engagement Venice

From San Francisco with love!
Michelle and Rally called me to shoot them some engagement pictures in the amazing city of Venice.
Rally choosed this city to do a special surprise for his beautiful girlfriend: an amazing wedding ring!
In that moment we decided to take photographs in less popular locations but, less popular doesn’t mean less beautiful – the opposite!

The historical Venice offers to people some beautifull corners that connect us to the past.
Old buildings, backstreets, corners and bridges are driven by sensations that remin in the memory of all people.
Then we went to the Rialto Market area, a place that always inspiring me.

After that long wonder, we moved to the majestic San Marco square.
My role of a Photogrpher engagement in Venice is beautifull, because I have plenty of time to go to the best spots of the city and have a lot of fun with the couple.
Plus, an engagement photo session preserves the memory of the couple’s vacation and of their love for each other.
Kneeled down behind the Sigh Bridge, Rally proposed to his girlfriend to marry him.

All of the people passing, applauded for the future bride & groom in the exact moment in which she said:  “I do!”
Afterwards the proposal, we took a gondola and had a lovely tour on the sunset.
The sightseeing that can advice only a photographer engagement in Venice.

Sometimes people doesn’t know how they can see this amazing city, and about this they have to trust in someone.

So, I’m here for this! I have to tell you that know Venice as my coffers!
Can you imagine something more romantic for your marriage proposal?

I don’t think so.


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