Photographer Engagement Vicenza - Diem & Alberto - July 02nd 2015

Photographer Engagement Vicenza | Diem & Alberto

Photographer Engagement Vicenza | Alberto & Diem


Date: July 2nd 2015
Location: Galleria Thais, Obrietan Museum
Photographers: Mauro Pozzer & Selene Pozzer

Photographer Engagement Vicenza

Diem him and they decided to call me as their  photographer engagement Vicenza and then also for their wedding.
They decided to celebrate their wedding in the hometown of Albert, Bassano.
Schedule of the day seemed very busy, so we decided to make a couple of portraits session a few days before the wedding.
And no location could be more ‘suitable of the beautiful Thais Gallery and Museum Obrietan!

The Thais Gallery is now one of the most accredited European reality in antique trade oriental.
It is also a point of reference for interior designers, architects, or private collectors in search of precious and original furnishing solutions from China, Tibet and Indochina.
A unique place, where exposure attention to detail will revive timeless emotions, aroused by the objects sought and antique furniture from the Far East.
The Obrietan Museum instead, was the first Italian museum dedicated to Art and Antiques Eastern Asia, opened in June 2005.
Diem precisely wore her traditional Vietnamese dress characterized by vibrant colors like red and yellow,
embroidered lace that made the very elegant dress and everything postponed to the Vietnamese tradition.

Alberto was wearing a classic stylish  black dress, with a white shirt, very simple but smart, absolutly the opposit of his future wife, and I love it.
Thanks to the Eastern peculiarity that were inside the tunnel, they managed to capture the situations that arouse almost spiritual sensations.
We took the photos in the beautiful that surely will give the engaged couple in the memory.

I just have to congratulate and leave you with the continuation of the next service at the following link below.
Matrimonio Alberto and Diem.

Photographer Engagement Vicenza