Portfolio Wedding Photography

“If you will know how to stay close to me, and we will still be different,

if the sun shines on both of us without our shadows overlapping,

if we can be “US” amidst the world and together with the world, cry, laugh, LIVE.

If every day we will find out who we are and not the memory of how we were,

if we give to each other without knowing who will be the first and who the last

if your body will sing with mine because together it’s JOY …

So it will be LOVE, and it has not been in vain to wait for each other so much.”

(Pablo Neruda)

LOVE exists. It will be so overwhelming, exciting and tenter that the long wait will be repaid.

A Love made by sharing, not by abuse or deprivation.

A coexistance in harmony, elevating the SPIRIT, making it happy and forever young.

This is what the SPOUSES think before and during the day they expect the most.

You can read it in their EYES, see it in their PORTRAITS.

You can feel it in their EMOTIONS, in their smiles and in their SILENCES.

I cannot avoid FEELING this all too, and making it EVERLASTING with my camera.


Portfolio Wedding Photography