Symbolic Wedding Photographer Venice

Symbolic Wedding Photographer Venice | Irina & Andrey

Symbolic Wedding Photographer Venice | Irina & Andrey


Date: July 5th 2015
Location: Cà AlviseCà Sagredo, La Cusina (Westin Europa Regina)
Wedding Planner: Cris for Wedding Package in Italy
Videographer: Alba Renna
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Symbolic Wedding Photographer Venice

“From Russia with Love”!
Irina and Andrey came to Italy to celebrate their symbolic wedding in Cà Sagredo,situated in the most romantic city: Venice.

This beautiful couple got ready together in the romantic hotel Cà Alvise.
Their room was very characteristic:
as its walls all black and the golden decorations looked stunning against the black background!
Irina undressed herself behind a white lace umbrella, that remind me at Dita Von Tees shows, so sensual!
As they got ready, we all got in on a watertaxi directed to Cà Sagredo, where the symbolic ceremony was planned to be.
There we had some time for a shooting couple in the rooms of that palace before the ceremony started.

There were frescoed halls and the wide windows were totally inspiring me.
The celebration was lead by an officiant traditionally dressed as the Venetian Doge in the Music Room, there were harpist playing in the background.

The moment of Cerimony:

The ceremony was romantic, the bride and the groom were really touched!
After the ceremony, the couple had a lovely first dance in their reception wedding room.
Then, a nuptial gondola was waiting for them combined with a violinist for a water tour in the city!
I decided to follow to not disturbe the couple.

I think that is important to leave the couple alone, because in this way they can have one moment only for them.
This help me to catch intimate moments from another point of view.

Another places that always I wanna show, are the pictorical areas of the city as:
the Fish Market area, the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, then San Marco square.

After the gondola ride we went with the newlyweds to the  hotel Westin Europa Regina.
They had their wedding dinner at the restaurant La Cusina in the most intimate table for two in a small terrace with a beautifull view.
The organization of day would not have been possibile without:

Wedding planner Cris and the group of Wedding Package in Italy

Thanks to chose me as a Symbolic Wedding Photographer Venice.