Trash the Dress Miami | Aubrey & Gregory | November 9th 2013

Trash the Dress Miami | Aubrey & Gregory

Trash the Dress Miami | Aubrey & Gregory


Date: November 9th 2013
Location: Miami
Photographers: Mauro Pozzer & Selene Pozzer

Trash The Dress Miami

Aubrey and Gregory are a lovely couple from Boston who honoured me by asking me to be their photographer for their Wedding in Miami.
The hot sun of Florida, even in November, turns everyone happy!
The day after the wedding we organized a couple shooting at the South Beach, between skyscrapers and the ocean.
Well… Not bad!

The Weather in Miami in that time is variable: for the whole shooting it kept on changing, from sunset to rain to cloudy to heavy showers… But it wasn’t a prolem: the clouds in the sky, the colors and light of the sun after the rain, were even more beautiful and shiny!

The couple service then ended with a jump into the pool: the suitable ending of an alternative afternoon!

“Photographs can reach eternity through the moment.” Henri Cartier-Bresson

Starting from the words of a master photographer, I have to say that is why I always advise my clients to do photo couple shoot. It is very important for them. The photographs capture a moment of their lives that they can review forever. Without them, they would lose the memory of that day.

Surely Miami is cool for such services, but we can do them even in Italy: an informal wedding couple shooting as a Trash the Dress can be done anywhere, following the couple’s lifestiles.

Here the wedding day: Trash The Dress Miami

Trash the Dress Miami