Venetian Wedding Photographer | Elena & Jacopo | July 7th 2012

Venetian Wedding Photographer | Elena & Jacopo

Venetian Wedding Photographer | Elena & Jacopo


Date: July 7th 2012
Locations: Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari (The Frari), Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace), San Clemente Palace – Hotel & Resort
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Venetian Wedding Photographer

Elena and Jacopo are living in Venice and called me for their wedding.
During the preparatione, She got ready with her beautifully red-dressed bridesmaids, and was wearing a classical long-sleeved white embroidered dress, with white polka dots on the sleeves and on the veil as well.

After that, she took a typical Gondola with her father and her little brother, which took them to the wedding location: the Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari Church. Her bridesmaids were waiting for her out of the church, while Jacopo was impatiently waiting to see her bride-to-be walking through the aisle…

The theme of the wedding was obviously the Red Passion: the bridesmaids’ dresses, their flower, the decorations inside the church, the petals that were thrown them after the ceremony.
Elena and Jacopo chose the Catholic rite for a very romantic and classical wedding.

After the ceremony, Elena and Jacopo had their couple shooting done through the canals of Venice in a Gondola first, then proceeded by walk.
Since Elena used to work at Palazzo Ducale, we had the amazing and unique possibility to have a part of the photo session done inside it.
The golden panelled ceiling and the view of Saint Marco’s Square that we had from the terrace was just… great!

After the shooting, Elena and Jacopo took a water taxi that brought them to the reception.
The location they chose for the wedding reception was the beautiful five star luxury hotel of San Clemente Palace in the private Island of San Clemente.

A wonderful wedding with a true taste of the lagoon city. A couple from Venice couldn’t wish for a better day!