Wedding Photographer Bassano

Wedding Photographer Bassano | Diem & Alberto

Wedding Photographer Bassano | Diem & Alberto


Date: July 4th 2015
Location: Townhall of Bassano, Ponte degli Alpini, Hotel Cà Sette
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Bassano

An international love story for this summer wedding!
Alberto was born in Bassano, but lives in San Francisco. There, he met Diem:
A beautiful Vietnamese woman who moved to the U.S. as she was only a kid.
The couple decided to come back to Italy for their wedding that was celebrated in Bassano, with a lot of guests coming from all over the world!
Two days before the wedding we had a very nice couple shooting in the Obrietan Museum and Galleria Thais, an ancient Eastern-Asia art gallery.

Perfectly suitable for this couple!
Diem and Alberto got married in a civil ceremony with their closest friends and relatives in the morning of July, 4th.
They got married in the townhall of Bassano, than moved to the world-renowned Ponte degli Alpini for a traditional aperitif!

After this early celebration, the couple moved back to Cà Sette to get ready for their afternoon symbolic wedding.
Before this, anyway, Diem wore her tradional Vietnamese wedding dress and, with Alberto, had the Tea Ceremony with their parents.
Both Diem and Alberto, then, came back to their rooms to put on their official wedding outfits!
Diem got ready with her mother and her friends, and wore a lovely white dress that looked gorgeous on her!
Meanwhile, Alberto got ready with his friends in a very fun mood.
The symbolic ceremony was lead in the garden of Cà Sette, along with a great group of friends:

It was a romantic ceremony that showed this beautiful international love.
After having done some photos in the garden of Cà Sette, the newlyweds sat down for their dinner, then had the cutting of a delicious wedding cake.
But this did not end of the wedding day

it went on in fun with a great party with all their guests!

Wedding Photographer Bassano