Wedding Photographer Belgio | Hilde & Guy | 20 Luglio 2016

Wedding Photographer Belgium | Hilde & Guy Machelen

Wedding Photographer Belgium | Hilde & Guy Machelen

Date: July 20, 2016
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer, Laura Coelati Rama

Wedding Photographer Belgium

Hilde and Guy are an extraordinary couple who live near Brussels. I saw them rehearsed and love, a simple and spontaneous love.
Their respective daughters have prepared many beautiful surprises for this very special day.

I met Hilde, who works as a photographer, during a workshop related to wedding photography that I organized in Belgium.
The pictures of this marriage are, as you can see, very special: all the service was made in black and white.

I chose to represent their wedding without saturation to upset the way of thinking and seeing.
I wanted that the couple could not observe the colors but the nuances …
give them the ability to imagine, to interpret, delve deep into their love story: short get to the essence.

Even the location that Hilde and Guy have chosen for their reception has reinforced my choice:
The black and white helped me to bring out the shapes and three-dimensional structure of this thoroughly modern.

I focused since the first shots on the content using the light, playing with light.
One of the things I love most about my job is to see take shape in my project and that my couples rely on my feelings.