Wedding Photographer Bellagio - Inga & Giuseppe - July 19th 2014

Wedding Photographer Bellagio | Inga & Giuseppe

Wedding Photographer Bellagio | Inga & Giuseppe


Date: July 19th 2014
Location: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni , Corte del Lago, Library of Bellagio
Photographers: Mauro Pozzer & Selene Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Bellagio

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful and refined locations for a wedding.
It’s chosen by thousands of foreigners for their marriage, but also by a lot of Italians that appreciate that.
That happened to Inga and Giuseppe, that now are living in Milan but who couldn’t resist to the charm of the Lake.
Expecially they chose the town of Bellagio, located in the central part of the Como Lake.
Inga got ready with her parents and friends in the beautiful Hotel Villa Serbelloni, that is located in the centre of Bellagio.

In the maintime, Giuseppe and his family were at the Corte del Lago:
the wonderful villa facing the lake in the town of  Limonta.

That area is one of the European areas with the ancient textile tradition.
Initially became famous for the production of tapestries and jacquard fabrics, and immediately stood out for the high attention given to their productions.
The groom, together with his friends and family, took the water bus from Limonta to get to Bellagio,
on the other side of the lake, for the wedding celebration.

Under the hot July sun, the bride, reached the location of the ceremony by walking with her parents and friends among the streets of the village.
The civil wedding took place in the wonderful Library of Bellagio, in which Civil weddings are celebrated.
Really amazing location!
After the ceremony we had the wedding couple shooting in the streets of Bellagio
and then went via water taxi to the reception venue.

The chosen venue for the reception was Corte del Lago.
there the party went on with music and dance still late, and was followed by a “bye bye brunch” the morning after..