Wedding Photographer Castelbrando - Donna & David - August 30th 2015

Wedding Photographer Castelbrando | Donna & David

Wedding Photographer Castelbrando | Donna & David

Date: August 30th 2015
Location: Castelbrando (Cison di Valmarino, Treviso)
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Castelbrando

Donna and David, a lovely couple from Ireland, chose the amazing location of Castelbrando for their Italian wedding, definately a worthy choice!
Castelbrando is one of the most ancient, large and well-preserved castles around Europe.
It used to be a small feudal town, and it still has preserved its original shape; a main building, the actual castle, and various smaller buildings inside of its walls.
It is nowadays used as a Luxury Hotel.

Donna and David got ready in two different rooms of the castle.
She was with her beautidul bridesmaids. They were all wearing a matching night-gown, also the little flowergirl, daughter of one of the girls.
After the make up and hairstyle, She put on her, the princess-style wedding dress, helped by her friends.
As the bride got ready, they all walked to the beautiful small church of the castle for the celebration of their Catholic wedding.

The wedding ceremony was emoctional, all their guests were so happy to be in such an amazing place!
After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their families and friends enjoyed an Italian-style aperitif in one of the beautiful Gardens of the Castle.
While the guests were chilling, we had the couple shooting around the small streets of the castle and in its amazing halls and rooms.

Such an ancient though perfectly preserved castle is definately inspiring!
Then, the dinner started, the wedding hall was decorated in its smallest details, empowering the magical atmosphere.

After the dinner, the newlyweds had their first dance and then cut the wedding cake with a medieval-style sword!
A beautiful couple in an amazing location, all the best for a destination wedding in Italy!


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