Wedding Photographer Gipsoteca Canova - Augusta & Max - July 12th 2014

Wedding Photographer Gipsoteca Canova | Augusta & Max

Wedding Photographer Gipsoteca Canova | Augusta & Max


Date:  July 12th 2014
Luogo:  Villa Sesso Schiavo (Sandrigo, Vicenza), Gipsoteca Museo Canova (Possagno, Treviso)
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Gipsoteca Canova

Augusta and Max were the first couple to have the opportunity to celebrate their civil marriage to Gipsoteca Canova.
It is the oldest public museum in Veneto, since 1836 and dedicated to the brilliant sculptor Antonio Canova.

Both the bride and groom are fashion designers, and every detail of the wedding was beautifully designed and laid out by them.
They chose the decorative style thirties as the theme for their wedding that we used also in the post production photos.

Augusta and Max are prepared in the beautiful Villa Sesso Schiavo in Sandrigo, Vicenza, where they also had the receipt.
Augusta was designed and produced by her own wedding dress, using the nineteenth-century lace to characterize it.
The result was simply stunning!

After preparing, the couple reached separately Gipsoteca Canova Museum in Possagno, Treviso.
The room chosen for the celebration of their marriage was dedicated to Eros and Thanatos.
Nothing short of magnificent!

Max waited for his bride in front of the Mayor of Possagno and their guests, and she reached walking alone down the aisle.
The Civil Marriage was unforgettable, because no one had had a chance to celebrate it there before: all the newspapers talked about it the next day!
(See: The Gazzettino, Vicenza Today … And many more!)

We ran the picture of couple in the museum, since the present statues, plaster studies of Canova’s masterpieces, were definitely a good source of inspiration!
After the picture of couple, we returned to Villa Sesso Schiavo, where a wonderful reception awaited the guests and the bride and groom.
The Tableau de Mariage consisted of cards purchased in various museums that the couple has visited.

Since both the bride and groom are great art lovers, guests could chose the postcard that they preferred.
Also because they were arranged in a single large table where they sat together.
The celebration continued into the splendid villa, a wonderful wedding!

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Wedding Photographer Gipsoteca Canova