Wedding Photographer Gondola | Helena & Andrey | April 20th 2011

Wedding Photographer Gondola | Helena & Andrey

Wedding Photographer Gondola | Helena & Andrey


Date: April 20th 2011
Locations: Ca Maria Adele, Gondola, Linea D’Ombra Restaurant
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Gondola

Elena and Andrey, this sweet and young Russian couple, chose to celebrate their symbolic marriage in the most Venetian way possible: on a Gondola! Their wedding was an elope.

They celebrate their marriage in the most romantic way possible: heart to heart on a wonderful venicean black Gondola!
The couple lodged in a wonderful room of the amazing five-star hotel Ca Maria Adele.

The theme-color was purple. Elena wore a white and light-purple wedding dress, with the same color accesories.
Andrey wore a violet tie, and the flowers where light-purple too. The spouses reached the Gondola stop by walk, under a white lace sun umbrella.
The Gondola that waited for them was the typical Gondola Marriage: red and gold decoration, the Gondolier wearing a white and red livery, a heart-shaped seat…

The celebrant blessed them, while they exchanged their rings and vows under a bright Venicean sight. The visual background were the palaces of Venice, while the background music was played by a talented violinist
How could one imagine something more Romantic?

After the ceremony, Elena and Andrey had their gondola ride as newlyweds, to finish their tour in the best possible way. After they ride, the shooting proceeded by walking through the calles of Venice, from San Marco Square to the restaurant they chose for their wedding dinner: the Luxurious Linea D’Ombra Restaurant.

There they had a romantic dinner in a single table, with candlelight, flowers and white wine.
After two slices of their small, personal white and purple cake, they walked back to their beautiful hotel, under a wonderful Venetian moon, to share their first wedding night.

Congratulations to this sweet and lovely Russian couple!