Wedding Photographer Hong Kong | Vikki & Ed | Dicember 7th to 9th 2012

Wedding Photographer Hong Kong | Vikki & Ed

Wedding Photographer Hong Kong | Vikki & Ed


Date:  Dicember 7th to 9th 2012
Location: Nikko Hotel, Kowloon Union Church
Photographers: Mauro Pozzer & Edoardo Morina

Wedding Photographer Hong Kong

Vikki and Ed are fun couple from Hong Kong who chose me for Their wedding in China.
Ed works on the golden market. We met at Golden Exhibition in Vicenza.
And it feels so good to meet again! The city of Hong Kong is a different world looks like another part of the planet.

There, Orient and Occident eclectically mix, since Hong Kong was a British colony until 1999.
Because of that, Ed and Vikki had two different rituals in the wedding day: the Chinese Tea Cerimony, with the bride dressed with the traditional red dress, and the White Christian Wedding, typically Occidental.

Ed and Vikki were staying at the Nikko Hotel. After having got ready for the first part of the ceremony, they reached their parents for the Tea Ceremony.
It is in fact a tradition for the couple on the wedding day to pour some tea to their parents as a sign of gratitude and respect, the couple on their knees, the parents sitting on armchairs.

After the ceremony the spouses came back to the Hotel to get ready for the White Wedding.
The Christian Cerimony took place in the Kowloon Union Church.
At the end of the function, they dined all together with friends and family.

The wedding photographic service was performed the day after, in the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, through the streets of the city, and finally at the harbor.
It was beautiful to see this equilibrate and pacific mix of two apparently incompatible cultures.

Thanks to gave me this pleasure. Congratulations Vikki and Ed !