Wedding Photographer Lake Como - Marianne & Thierry - July 14th 2014

Wedding Photographer Lake Como | Marianne & Thierry

Wedding Photographer Lake Como | Marianne & Thierry


Date: July 14th 2014
Location: Hotel Villa Cipressi, Varenna (Lake Como)
Videographers: FDS Wedding Films 
Photographers: Mauro Pozzer & Selene Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Lake Como

“I knew I wanted you to be the photographer of my wedding even before Thierry proposed me!”

With these lovely words Marianne, the bride, welcomed us when we reached her hotel room in the amazing Villa Cipressi in Varenna.
while she was having her wedding make up and hairstyle inside the room.

How could we not do a great work with such welcome words?
Thierry and Marianne are a lovely Lebanese couple who celebrated their Catholic wedding in the wonderful town of Varenna, Lake Como.
Marianne got ready with her sister, her friends and her mother.
Thierry was doing the same in another room of the hotel.
With a lot of guests who came from Lebanon for this beautiful wedding, the groom reached the small and pictoresque church of Varenna to have their wedding celebrated.
The Church of Varenna looks extremely peculiar for its walls, floor and altar are built in black marble
the contrast with the candle light was absolutely stunning!
Marianne traditionally walked through the aisle with her father, and then the celebration begun.

It was a very beautiful wedding celebration, even because it was lead in Arab and celebrated by a priest who came from Lebanon with the guests.
A very “social” priest, as you can see from the selfies he shot with the couple!
Some rituals of the Orthodox wedding were performed during the celebration, for the Maronite Church of Antioch still preserves them;
one of them was the coronation of the bride and the groom.

After the ceremony, we had a great fun with the photosession, performed in the beautiful gardens of Villa Cipressi.
A buffet and a toast moved forward the wedding dinner, which was extremely fun, too:
the couple and the guests kept on dancing among one course and the other, and continued doing it even before!

A lovely, fun wedding for a lovely, fun couple.



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