Wedding Photographer Le Vescovane

Wedding Photographer Le Vescovane Vicenza | Stephanie & Mark

Wedding Photographer Le Vescovane Vicenza | Stephanie & Mark


Date: June 6th 2015
Location: Agriturismo Le Vescovane (VI)
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer & Selene Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Le Vescovane Vicenza

What a wonderful day we spent with Stephanie and Mark!
This American couple chose me as their Wedding Photographer Le Vescovane.
Stephanie was born in itlaly, because his mother was from here and her dad was an American soldier established in Vicenza.

Stephanie and Mark now living in Washington DC, and they brought with them many American guests!
The Stephanie’s family was overjoyed that their “golden girl” has chosen Vicenza for her wedding.
The wedding took place at Vescovane, a wonderful agrutirusmo in the north-east of Vicenza, which offers an amazing view of Berici hills.

Stephanie has been preparing with her friends and sister in the bridal suite inside Vescovane.
On the other hand, Mark enjoyed spending time in the pool with his friends.
It was fun to see how the one hand the groom was relaxed and at the other side, the bride were excited during the preparation.

Stephanie was beautiful in her dress and the look of his father when he saw her for the first time, was indescivibile!
Mark after the pool party, goes to the agritourism depandance for his preparations.
A moment of complete male brotherhood, you can imagine !

The Cerimony:

The area chosen for the Symbolic Ceremony was in front of the agritusim garden.
it’s the most suggestive area near Vicenza, where you can admire wonderful views over the endless plains of the Po and Berici hills.
was celebrated by one of the closest friends of the bride “a Jewish and pregnant woman instead of a priest!” said by Stephanie’s sister.

It was a romantic and touching function, in which much has been said of the love story between Stephanie and Mark
It movingly when they quoted the mother of Stephanie, who died a few years ago.

We chose the song “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin as the soundtrack of the slideshow.
That’s because during the ceremony, was read the lyrics, while the band was playing in the background.

After the ceremony, we went downtown in Vicenza with Stephanie and Mark for taking picture of them.
I tried to show them the most significant points of the city.
Then we returned to Vescovane where dinner began
interspersed by speeches of Stephanie’s father and their friends, always touching as the ceremony itself!

After dinner, it has come the time for the traditional cutting of the cake …
…no one but five excellent tiramisu cake!
The evening ended with a big party, but not before the first dance of Stephanie and Mark with La Vie en Rose as a soundtrack, and than wiith the bride and her father.

A romantic wedding, a beautiful location
Thank you for chosen me as a Wedding Photographer Le Vescovane Vicenza

Wedding Photographer Le Vescovane