Wedding Photographer Lucca

Wedding Photographer Lucca | Elena & Matthew Villa Grabau

Wedding Photographer Lucca | Elena & Matthew Villa Grabau

Date: September 3rd, 2016
Location: Villa Grabau, Lucca
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Lucca

Elena and Matthew came from England.
They decided to celebrate their wedding in the amazing frame of the beautiful Villa Grabau, in countryside close to Lucca.
This young couple invited friends and relatives coming from all over the world to Tuscany.

They offered them unforgettable moments even without the help of a wedding planner!
The strength and dedication of this couple of Oxford graduates is visible, and you could really feel it in the fun, vivacious attitude of the bride.

During the speeches, her dad could totally describe wittingly the smartness and tenderness of his daughter.
In a lovely flashback we saw her parents recommending a young Elena not to touch the fruits of their neighbor’s cherry tree.
Once, looking at the lowest branches of the tree, the family saw there were no fruits but stems and pulpless kernels..

Elena, with a chair under her feet and the hands behind her back was literally respecting what she had been told!
The wedding day saw the bride and the groom saying their vows in a beautiful civil wedding outdoor.

The location was the Teatrino di Verzura, a special area inside the gardens of the villa.

After the wedding, the guests could enjoy an aperitif of Tuscan goods that took place in the architectural garden of the Villa

– simply unforgettable!-

In the late afternoon, the newlyweds had a walk together in the garden of the Villa:
full of greenery and century-old trees, where the weather was less hot and the sunset light was perfect for some romantic shots.

The majesty of Nature revealed itself in the Limonaia, too.

There, the couple had their wedding party:
it is a stunning structure, as branches of Ficus hang from the ceiling creating an amazing natural decoration.

Congratulations to the newlyweds: they couldn’t find a better location to celebrate their love!

Thank to chose me as Wedding Photographer Lucca.

Wedding Photographer Lucca