Wedding Photographer Marostica Vicenza - Natalia & Alessandro - July 06th 2014

Wedding Photographer Marostica Vicenza | Natalia & Alessandro

Wedding Photographer Marostica Vicenza | Natalia & Alessandro


Date: June 6th 2014
Location: Church of Povolaro, Marostica, Sweet Hotel
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Marostica Vicenza

Thirteen years ago, Alexander moved to Russia in search of a job.
It’s always a difficult decision to leave a birth country to start a new adventure abroad, but Alexander wasn’t afraid!
Thirteen years later, he decided with his girlfriend, the beautiful Natalia, to celebrate their wedding in Italy.
Alessandro got dressed in his parents’ house
Natalia in the maintime, at the home of Alexander’s sister.

But the set was also nice because Natalia showed her five months of pregnancy!
Catholic marriage took place in Povolaro church, located near Dueville (Vi).

That country it’s known because there is the area of the “Bosco di Dueville” rich in natural springs.
In history its remembered the specific period with the Roman Empire,when the territory was ravaged by the hordes of Visigoths under Alaric (402) and the Huns of Attila (452).
The Byzantines then later regained control of the region, to lose with the arrival of the Lombards
Outside the church, there were friends and families celebrated pleased that memorable day, both from ‘Italy and Russia.

After the ceremony, the photo shoot proceeded through the streets of the historic and picturesque town of Marostica.
The reception took place in the beautiful Sweet Hotel, not far from the place where it was done the shooting
On the tables of the guests there was only water and wine, but also Vodka and Stravecchio Branca!
Just one example of the Russian tradition!

During dinner and not just after, the couple and friends up and danced, screamed and had fun:
a great marriage
a nice couple
an Hardcore Party!

Thanks to chose me for your wedding and for conveying to me some of your tradition!


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