Wedding Photographer Palazzina Grassi Venice | Katherine & Mazen | June 18th 2012

Wedding Photographer Palazzina Grassi Venice | Katherine & Mazen

Wedding Photographer Palazzina Grassi Venice | Katherine & Mazen


Date: June 18th, 2012
Locations: Palazzina G Venice Resort, Palazzo Cavalli (City Town Hall for civil weddings), Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Linea D’Ombra Restaurant
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Palazzina Grassi Venice

Katherine and Mazen are an amazing couple who came from Montréal to Venice for their special day.
They flew to the lagoon City with thirty guests from Canada and from Beirut, Mazen’s hometown, to share  their wedding day with them.

The spouses and their guests were lodged at the amazing five star hotel Palazzina G Venice Resort, where the traditional outlook of the palaces of Venice skillfully mix with the most modern and fashionable indoors.
She wore her wedding gown with a few friends, and chose to wear a pair of Vera Wang – Lavender Sandals instead of high heels:  a clever choice, considering how long and hot her wedding day was!

Then, She reached Palazzo Cavalli , the ceremony location, via water taxi.
Mazen and the two families were already waiting for her in the Town Hall.

Their civil wedding was sweet and spontaneous, two must-have qualities!
After the ceremony, Mazen and Katherine posed for their first photos as a married couple in the terrace of Palazzo Cavalli, which is one of the most famous place for photos in Venice, for you can have the unforgettable Rialto Bridge as a background.
Katherine and Mazen then jumped on their water taxi, heading towards the Rialto Market first, then to San Giorgio Maggiore.

The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore is facing Saint Marco’s Square on the other side of the Gran Canal.
The couple had some photos shot there, in front of the famous church of the Island.
Then they took their water taxi again, pointing to the Venetian area called Le Zattere.

There they had their wedding reception, in a beautiful restaurant with an unforgettable sight, which is called Linea D’Ombra.

A great and funny day for a lovely couple!