Wedding Photographer Paris - Rilene & Juliene - October 03rd 2015

Wedding Photographer Paris | Rilene & Juliene

Wedding Photographer Paris | Rilene & Juliene


Date: October 03rd 2015
Location: Church of Saint-Thomas, Etoile de Villiers, Villers-le-belle, Paris
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Paris

Rilene and Julien’s has been my first Assyrian wedding.

It was celebrated following the rituals of the Eastern Assyrian Church and took place in the amazing Paris: a great combo!
The timing of the wedding day were more distended than those of a Western Wedding.

The wedding day for us started at the house of the groom’s family.
There, Julien and his family welcomed us with a huge buffet where everyone could eat and party; they kept on eating and partying for two hours, among laughs and traditional assyrian dances and songs.
The women of the family had a Kafiya to dance with with different colors and noises to distract evil spirits and keep them away from the spouses.

After this so-to-say brunch Julien got dressed and had the traditional greetings to their parents and closest friends. Then, he moved to the garden where the women kept dancing and singing.
Meanwhile, we moved to Rilene’s family home.
There, the situation was that: a huge buffet, family and friends dancing and singing.
Rilene put on her wedding gown together with her bridesmaids, then moved to the garden where the party went on.
There she met Julien; after a dance together in front of her family’s house they moved to the civil wedding hall where they made their wedding official.

After the civil wedding, we moved to the Church of Saint-Thomas where the Assyrian wedding took place.

The Assyrian wedding ceremony is quite similar to the Catholic one:

For example, the priest crowned the spouses, who will wear their wedding crown for the whole ceremony.
More, a special brooch that is pinned to the bride and the groom’s arms; it is formed by an heart and has a small cross inside, symbolizing the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

After the ceremony, Rilene and Julien walked out of the church where the guests threw white and pink balloons to wish the best to the newlyweds.
Then we went to have some couple photos shot nearby, next to a small lake.
The wedding reception took place at the Etoile de Villers, a huge wedding hall where they could host all the guests – nearly 1200 people!

It was a honour to narrate Rilene and Julien’s story; different from the weddings we are used to, but no less beautiful and romantic.

Wedding Photographer Paris


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