Wedding Photographer Trento - Giulia & Matteo - September 06th 2014

Wedding Photographer Trento | Giulia & Matteo

Wedding Photographer Trento | Giulia & Matteo


Date: September 6th 2014
Location: Casa Moresc, Church of Vigo Rendena, Castel Toblino
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Trento

Matthew and Julia are a lovely couple who lives in Milan.
She’s from Val Rendena, a place where she decided to come for her wedding.

Matthew prepared himself in the beautiful and oldest hotel-garni Moresc House.
There is a sixteenth-century building,
surrounded by mountains and with wooden beams and stones at sight, internally made with typical half-barrel of that period.
Matteo has prepared himself with his mother and grandmother in one of the beautiful rooms,where even his friends were based.
Julia, however, is back in his native home:
Dare village, not far from the church, to wear the dress with her mother and her friends, while downstairs his friends were waiting impatients!
For the ceremony the bride and groom chosed the Vigo Rendena church:
a village of five hundred inhabitants in the north of Trento.

Matthew waited for his bride moved outside the gates of the church: so sweet!

The Cerimony:

The Catholic function was nice and felt by all.
Was visible joy of Matthew and Julia to be able to say Yes.
After the ceremony, we headed to Castel Toblino, Trentino the most famous castle located to the north of Garda Lake .

Before coming at the location, we stopped on the other side of the lake to take emoctional pictures with the castle on the background.
There, the newlyweds have found friends and relatives waiting them in the garden for an aperitif before the wedding feast.
Castel Toblino proved to be a fantastic location for the picture of couple:
the ancient medieval castle still retains its orignale structure,

It is full of windows, corridors and corners that make it an enchanting backdrop for the picture of couple.
After the shooting, the couple and friends were finally seated at the table to enjoy the wedding banquet with typical local ingredients in order to taste the Trentino.
Also from a culinary point of view!

After lunch we made a few more photos in the castle gardens, which offers a splendid view of Lake Garda.
So, It’s already the cutting cake time! and the toasts and dances: the day has flown!

Thank you for choosing me as a Wedding Photographer Trento.

Wedding Photographer Trento