Wedding Photographer Trissino Palace | Laura & Stefano | May 23th 2015

Wedding Photographer Trissino Palace | Laura & Stefano

Wedding Photographer Trissino Palace | Laura & Stefano


Date: 23 May 2015

Location: Palazzo Trissino, Ristorante Da Biasio
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer, Selene Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Trissino Palace

“Wet bride, lucky bride!” that’s what Laura heard for the whole shooting time, for the weather was quite terrible

– but it did not stop us from doing a beautiful work!

Laura and Stefano are a wonderful couple from Vicenza who chose to celebrate their civil wedding in the beautiful Palazzo Trissino, in the heart of the city.
Stefano got ready at his family home together with his friends who came there to help him during the getting ready – a really fun time actually!
Laura, instead, put on her wedding gown at her family home with her mother helping her in such a special moment.

That white lace dress looked perfect on her – actually, it couldn’t possibly look better!
The wedding took place in the Sala degli Stucchi, in Palazzo Trissino. Laura and Stefano had their first look downstairs, before entering the hall – it was a lovely moment, they were so excited and happy!
Stefano and Laura goes to the hall together, then entered the Sala walking the asile with his mother and her father, respectively.
The ceremony was short but beautiful – a violinist and a double bass player made the atmosphere amazing!

After the ceremony we started the couple shooting in the porches of the Basilica Palladiana, and then in the beautiful Bar Borsa – the mecca for the jazz lovers of Vicenza!
There Stefano read Laura a letter he wrote for her – a really moving moment!
The shooting proceeded to Monte Berico, where we could shoot a little more with this incredibly beautiful couple.

The reception was at Da Biasio Restaurant, where the newlyweds arrived and found all of their families and friends waiting for them to start celebrating.
A lovely wedding for a really beautiful couple – congratulations!


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