Wedding Photographer Volterra - Melissa & DD - August 9th 2015

Wedding Photographer Volterra | Melissa & DD

Wedding Photographer Volterra | Melissa & DD


Date: August 9th 2015
Location: Podere Tabiano, Comune di Volterra, Villa Palagione
Photographers: Mauro Pozzer & Donatella Barbera

Wedding Photographer Volterra

Melissa and DD are a beautiful Belgian couple who fell in love with Italy and the Tuscan countryside.
They decided to celebrate their special day there!
Melissa and DD stayed in the beautiful Podere Tabiano with their families and close friends.
They occupied virtually the whole country!

Melissa has been prepared with the small bambina in her room. she wore a beautiful white wedding dress and lightweight, perfect for a wedding in Tuscany!

The first look in spouses clothes of Melissa and DD were exchanged at the farm, and their emotion was visible!
Together they arrived at the town of Volterra, inside the splendid Palazzo dei Priori: the oldest common in Italy, built in 1239.

The marriage room was the beautiful Great Council Hall, famous for its beautiful golden frescoes.

The ritual of the wedding was beautiful and exciting, and all the guests were delighted to share this special time with the couple.

After the wedding we made couple photoshoot between the streets of Volterra, so typical!
We then reached Villa Palagione, an international cultural center for the study of language and Italian culture.
Melissa and DD on guitar arrived singing an Italian pop song, dedicated to their guests.
All the rest of the day we spent in this beautiful location, with Tuscan food and wine in a wonderful atmosphere.
After dinner, the newlyweds have delighted their guests with a very special first dance, and after it,

“Le bal est ouvert”.

Congratulations Guys!