Wedding Photographers Treviso | Kate & Martin | September 23th 2013

Wedding Photographers Treviso | Kate & Martin

Wedding Photographers Treviso | Kate & Martin


Date: September 23th 2013
Location: Golf Club , Asolo, Temple Canova, (Possagno)
Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Wedding Photographers Treviso

The reason that brought this nice Australian couple, Kate and Martin, to get married in Possagno, Treviso, is absolutely picturesque. In fact Martin, the groom, is from Italy, and is a direct descendant of the neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova, one of my favorites ever!

How could they choose a better location for their wedding?
Absolutely not.

The couple hired some apartments in the Asolo Golf Club , where they got ready for the ceremony with friends and relatives.
Then they reached by car the amazing neoclassical church called Temple Canova, built and financed by the sculptor in the XIX Century.

The catholic ceremony was celebrated by the Archpriest of Possagno, and by a minister from Australia, friend of the couple, who was born in Italy.
After the ceremony, the photos have been shot in the gardens and the Canova Gypsoteque inside the Museum dedicated to the memory of the sculptor from Treviso.
There, the inspiration for the photos was absolutely guaranteed. There Kate and Martin, impersonated the neoclassical statues created by Martin’s far great-uncle.

After the photos in the museum, the shooting proceeded in the roads of Possagno, even inside an abandoned house, where the light entering from the broken windows was absolutely breath-taking. Ended the photo shooting, the family rejoined in a small typical restaurant, where they could eat the typical foods from Veneto, in the beautiful location of a natural park.

Moving from Australia to get married in the place that your ancestors were born, is surely a peculiar project, a path of self-discovery through the discovery of the history of your family.
Not everyone would afford that, but of course the long trip was totally worthy!

Amazing location for this Australian couple in Italy! Thanks to chose me!