WPPI Awards 2015 Best Wedding Photographer Italy

WPPI Awards 2015 | Exellence Album Competition

WPPI Awards 2015 | Exellence Album Competition


Silver Distinction Award for a wedding album by Mauro Pozzer and Silver Award for a wedding album by MP Studio

This year we submitted for the first time two weddings shot by Mauro Pozzer to the WPPI Awards 2015 Exellence Album Competition.
We are very proud and happy to announce that both of them received very good quotations on the final vote: both of them classified among the best 10 albums sent this year, coming very close to the first positions of the podium.

Each year, more than 16,000 photographers coming from all over the world send their photos and albums to WPPI 2015 ; the convention takes place in Las Vegas.
Mauro Pozzer’s album Augusta & Max – you can see the pages of the album there, published in the WPPI 2015 Awards website – received a score of 88/100, was nominated for the best album of the year made by a single photographer and received a Silver Distinction Award.

The other album we sent, in the category of multiple photographers or studio, was Donna and Joel‘s – there you can see the layout of the album, again published in the website of WPPI Awards – received a score of 83/100, was nominated for the best album made by multiple photographers/studio and received a Silver Award.

The two albums are completely different; while Donna and Joel’s magazine-style album is focused on fashion and beauty, and portrays a two-days wedding in Venice first, and Seattle then, Max and Augusta’s one is more focused on intimacy and reportage.
Especially on Augusta and Max’s album, Mauro wanted to impress his vision: all the photos have a 30s-style black and white post-production, and tell the couple’s love story in every detail of the wedding, the first one ever to be celebrated inside the Gypsoteque Canova in Treviso.

These awards make us really happy and proud, and let us know we are on the right track.
Anyway, this is just a starting point that will push us to improve our vision to offer the best services to our couples.

Here the link to see all works: Mauro Pozzer 


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